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Pirelli Tyres

If you are looking for Pirelli tyres Leicester, Simply Tyres is your one-stop destination. We stock an exhaustive inventory from this brand for all car segments and also stock units of various rim sizes to meet the requirements of all our customers.

You can now buy pirelli tyres Leicester from us online and get the new set installed on your vehicle at your convenient location with our mobile tyre-fitting services.

Pirelli tyre categories we stock at our garage

    • Summer Tyres

Summer units from Pirelli, like P ZERO CORSA, P ZERO CORSA SYSTEM, etc. offer unparalleled grip and aquaplaning resistance. Engineered with innovative tread designs and hard rubber compounds, these units offer unmatched traction, durability and cornering precision on both wet and dry summer roads.

    • Winter Tyres

Winter tyres from Pirelli, like P ZERO WINTER and WINTER SOTTOZERO, are custom-built with superior quality silica-enriched softer rubber compounds that keep the units flexible even during harsh winter conditions. The tread and sipe pattern of these units are further technologically enhanced to offer maximum grip on snow and slush.

    • All-season Tyres

Pirelli all-season units, like CINTURATO ALL SEASON and CINTURATO ALL SEASON PLUS, offer a perfect blend of summer and winter tyre technologies. The optimised rubber compound and intermediate tread pattern of these units enhance performance in moderate weather conditions.

    • 4X4 Tyres

Pirelli manufactures different categories of SUV tyres for various driving requirements. All 4x4 units ensure optimum fuel economy and efficient traction, on- and off-road.

We stock SUV units, like:


Apart from these categories, we also retail run-flat and performance pirelli tyres Leicester from Pirelli, like:

      • P ZERO NERO GT
      • P ZERO ROSSO

Hence, if you are searching for Pirelli “tyres near me”, your search effectively ends today with Simply Tyres.

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