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Continental Tyres

Simply Tyres, with its considerable stock of Continental tyres Leicester, is your one-stop solution to purchase superior quality units at competitive prices. Therefore, whether you own an SUV or a passenger car, our collection will offer you multiple units to choose from.

Continental is indeed one of the major players in the global tyre market. With outstanding innovations and series of award-wining performances in events like Auto Express Summer Tyre test 2015, Auto Express Award 2019 and more, the brand certainly establishes its superiority in tyre quality and construction.

Our collection includes:

    • Summer Tyres

Summer units from Continental, like PremiumContact6, EcoContact 6 Q, etc. are custom-built to offer unmatched durability and traction on summer tarmacs. If you are looking for efficient aquaplaning resistance, nothing can challenge the superior silica compound and asymmetric tread design of these tyres that enhances wet braking performance.

    • Winter Tyres

Experience superb traction and grip on snowy or icy tracks with units like WinterContact TS 860, ContiWinterContact TS 850, etc. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, the soft rubber compound of these units prevents the tyres from stiffening when the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius.

    • 4x4 Tyres

Be it mud-terrain, highway-terrain or all-terrain 4X4 tyres, Continental offers an innovative solution for all. For unmatched traction and superior car handling stability, go for popular units like EcoContact 6Q, WinterContact TS P 850 SUV, etc.

Also, if you are looking for run-flat tyres, all-season tyres or performance Continental tyres Leicester from Continental, you can choose from:

  • VikingContact
  • ContiMaxContact MC5

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Wait no further and buy Continental tyres Leicester from us at Simply Tyres. If you wish to book tyres online, visit our official website. You can also opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services.

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