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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a compulsory safety device for all vehicles manufactured after 2014. It is an advanced device that is constantly monitoring tyre pressure. It sends a warning signal to the dashboard when the car tyre pressure falls below 25% of the recommended level. Therefore, if you notice a blinking TPMS light, try to reach an efficient service centre like ours at the earliest for efficient TPMS service Harrow.

Harrow Mobile Tyres is a reliable service centre offering reliable TPMS services at budget-friendly rates for all major car makes. So, when you opt for a TPMS check Harrow from us, we inspect the entire system and detect the root cause. Then, we will offer the necessary solutions.

What causes TPMS damage?

Ideally, a TPMS sensor functions optimally for 5 to 10 years. However, several reasons can hamper its efficiency before the estimated time. Here are some of the prime reasons that can cause damage to the TPMS:

Exhausted batteries

TPMS sensors come with batteries and fail to send accurate signals when the battery dies. Hence, we advise you to opt for a TPMS battery replacement in such a situation.

Rust or erosion

This sensor installed on the aluminium stem valves gathers dust, dirt, grease, etc. Eventually, it may catch rust and corrosion, compromising the efficiency of the TPMS system.

Physical damages

Extreme temperature and vibrations can damage the TPMS system by affecting the transmission coil. Consequently, the sensor fails to deliver real-time updates.

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We fulfil your ‘TPMS replacement near me’ searches with our efficient service.

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  • Our technicians are highly experienced and adept at employing advanced techniques.
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  • We offer an OE-grade replacement for the damaged TPMS sensor per your vehicle’s make and model.
  • Our automobile experts always perform additional checks to ensure safety and optimum performance.

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