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Michelin Tyres

Currently the world’s second-largest tyre manufacturing company after Bridgestone, Michelin is known to produce superior quality tyres for space shuttles, heavy equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, etc. The company is famous for various innovations, including radial units, pneurail and removable tyres.

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Michelin tyres Leicester you will find in our garage.

All-season Tyres

      • CrossClimate 

These units come with an intermediate tread depth (thicker than summer tyres and thinner than winter tyres), ensuring improved traction on wet and dry roads. Also, these Michelin car tyres Leicester feature an asymmetric tread design, ensuring lesser rolling resistance, higher fuel economy and enhanced driving comfort in moderate weather conditions.

Summer Tyres 

      • Pilot Sport 2 

The simple block-shaped tread pattern on these Michelin tyres enhances your vehicle’s handling capabilities. It also reduces braking distance. The harder rubber compounds and fewer sipes ensure optimum traction on wet and dry roads. 

Run-flat Tyres

      • Pilot Sport 3 Zero Pressure

These units come with reinforced sidewalls that support your vehicle’s weight in case of a puncture. Thus, such tyres can run at a speed of 50mph for about 50 miles despite a flat.

Other popular Pirelli tyres at our facility

      • Primacy HP (High-performance tyres)
      • Latitude Tour HP (4X4 tyres)

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