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Simply Tyres is an authorised retailer of Bridgestone tyres Leicester at an extremely competitive price. We stock units for multiple car segments and utility purposes to ensure that you experience an uncompromised driving experience.

Bridgestone has always impressed customers with its outstanding range of products. The brand retails tyres in 120 countries worldwide and is currently the #1 manufacturer in the world.

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Buy Bridgestone car tyres Leicester

Are you looking forward to buy Bridgestone tyres Leicester? Check out our collection.

    • Summer Tyres

Summer tyres from Bridgestone offer superior driving comfort and safety. Custom-built with hard rubber compound and optimised tread pattern, these units will provide unmatched traction and durability. The innovative sipes and tread bars of these units also improve aquaplaning resistance and provide efficient wet grip performance.

You can take your pick from:

    • POTENZA RE-71R
    • POTENZA RE 040
    • POTENZA S-02A
    • Winter tyresv

If you are looking for tyres that offer an improved biting grip on icy tracks and unmatched aquaplaning resistance on wet, snow-covered roads, Bridgestone is your answer. With wider grooves and deeper treads, Bridgestone’s winter car tyres Leicester will ensure that your vehicle performs smoothly even during extreme winter conditions. Some of our best-sellers include:

    • BLIZZAK WS90
    • BLIZZAK LM 32
    • 4X4 Tyres

Bridgestone manufactures its 4X4 units for both on- and off-road performance. The brand ingeniously constructs 4X4 units with innovative tread patterns and specialised rubber compounds to ensure optimised traction, a biting grip, and superb fuel efficiency.

Listed below are some of our top-sellers:

  • DUELER D648
  • DUELER D689

Apart from these categories, we also offer a wide collection of Bridgestone tyres Leicester, run-flat, all-season, performance and UHP car tyres for various vehicle models.

Therefore, end your search for “tyres near me”.

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