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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Properly balanced car wheels ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience. However, out-of-balance wheels can lead to safety-related hazards and damage to other car components if not rectified timely. Moreover, it can compromise fuel economy and hamper vehicle handling.

Harrow Mobile Tyres can help you avoid such hassles by providing professional and reliable wheel balancing check-ups and rectifications. As per automotive experts, you should opt for a wheel-balancing check every 4000-6000 miles. On contacting us, our team will reach your preferred location and conduct a wheel balancing check using advanced wheel balancers.

What signs indicate wheel imbalance?

Are you noticing any of the following signs while driving your car?

  • Odd juddering in the steering wheel, seats and floorboard
  • Screeching noises from the tyres while cornering the car
  • Vibrations in car wheels
  • Diminished fuel economy
  • Unusual bumpy rides
  • Compromised braking performance
  • Rapid tyre wear

You need to opt for a wheel balancing check Harrow. Contact us, and we will reach your location with the necessary tools for a prompt wheel balance.

How do we balance your car wheels?

Our technicians are adept at using standard tools to detect inappropriate weight distribution across the wheels.

Here is a detailed interpretation of the steps we follow:

  • We will dismount the unbalanced wheel safely from your vehicle.
  • After that, we will fix the wheels on our advanced wheel balancer and rotate them at a higher speed.
  • Next, we note down the measurements generated by the wheel balancer.
  • After analysing this data, we will find the areas with improper weight distribution.
  • Finally, we will add necessary counterweights to restore the ideal wheel balance per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Seems impressive?

Then look no further than Harrow Mobile Tyres, and book us immediately for professional services of wheel balancing Harrow. We are a perfect solution to your ‘wheel balancing near me’ searches!

Note: We conduct wheel balancing checks as standard practice after mobile tyre-fitting services.

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